Preparing For Seasons Health Greetings

My PlateWe mentioned reading that teens consume 34 teaspoons of sugar a day.  (Good grief, Charlie Brown; we’re cringing!)  Rachael Kettner-Thompson responded that her kids were good about steering clear of the sugar and drinking water, not soda.  That is one awesome report!  I’m hoping to raise my kids in a similar fashion, but Halloween kicked us back a bit and the following slew of holidays are poised to make it worse.  We have started preparing ways to regulate the sugar this season.

Here’s what I like to call my Holiday Prep List.  DISCLAIMER:  This list consists mostly of what I’m trying NOT to do and my idea of alternative solutions.

  • NOT having Marshmellow Sweet Potatoes.  Yes, my southern roots are showing.  I’m not sure I can even eat sweet potatoes without the marshmellow topping, but I’ve scored this recipe for my holiday events. I’ve got my agave substitute in hand for sweetening, and I’m ready to try it out.  (Does it sound like I’m still doing the pep talk because I am!)
  • NOT having sugary sweet Pecan Pie that my grandma showed me how to make when I was 8.  Here’s my change-up  to this classic recipe, and if all goes well, I’ll teach it to my 8 year old this year (and maybe my mom and grandma too!)
  • A new way to make Glazed Ham.  Another standard at our holiday table that I want to make a little bit more healthy this year.  It’s the small steps that will get me through this process, right?
  • Introducing a new tradition: Pumpkin Ice Cream.  Bringing out the best in desserts, a bit of cold can bring a nice balance to your table, and this is what I’ve chosen this year.  My husband can’t get enough of pumpkin treats during the season.  I always appreciate combining ancestral and modern traditions to create our own personal holiday experience.


As always, I would love to hear other things you do so I can incorporate that into our new lifestyle!

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