Cold Weather Health Habits

I’m sure this is a shocking statement: we tend to eat more fatty foods in the wintertime than in the summer. Well, yeah! It’s cold outside. I need more padding to keep me warm, right? In advance of the weather changes just around the corner, I thought we could talk about how to keep up momentum on our healthy lifestyle commitments. As usual, I’m taking my small baby steps to continue generating a healthy lifestyle for my family. Here are my top three steps for winter recipes:

  1. Evaporated Milk. I’ve stocked up. I will be using this as a substitution for cream in my soup bases and sauces.
  2. Frozen Veggies. Another thing I’ve switched from canned to frozen veggies when they aren’t in season. If you do need to go with canned (for budget or other reasons), make sure to get things stored in water and not oils, syrups, or greases.
  3. Hot Chocolate Updates. Yes, I do teas also, but nothing beats sipping hot chocolate with the little ones around the fire. Here’s a healthier version of this tasty treat, which will likely invade my kitchen this winter.

Other things move up the charts in my baking habits during the winter. I’m constantly using butter in my meat dishes. I make creamy mashed potatoes and other creamed versions of vegetables. I’m hoping to cut back on some of these habits as I’ve started making progress over the summer and into the fall.

Share some of your insightful baking and cooking tips for winter that will help us all take healthier steps in the coming months.

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