Shh, Don’t Tell. (The Happy Secrets to Cutting Out Sugar)!!


Sometimes late at night, I try to convince myself that Swedish Fish can’t possibly have more sugar than chocolate cake, and then I proceed to eat about 4 helpings of those addictive red creatures.  I know it’s hard to jump from a high sugar-intake diet to a no sugar diet, but it’s all replacing your sugar with alternatives to “fool” your family (and yourself)!

Here are some real world ideas on cutting down the sugar your family eats:

Myth #1 Dispelled: You cannot just stop having sweets around because you’ll breakdown at the first sight of a make-your-own-sundae bar.  For those of you with iron will power, I commend you.  I have a hard time sticking to any 2-week diet much less trying to change a lifetime of (poor) nutritional habits.

Think moderation, people.  Going cold turkey might work for some of you, but our family needs alternatives. Your family won’t even know that these cookies have less than half the calorie count of normal sugar content.

Find a delicious, healthier chocolate cake recipe that really is better than Swedish Fish. Thischocolate cake even lets you sneak in a little zucchini!  Trust me, no one will notice because you camouflage it with chocolate chips.

You can keep desserts around, just make them healthier.  This way no one feels like you are depriving them and creating a need to binge.

Myth #2 Dispelled: Drinking water at every meal will cause a revolt – from my family and from me, too.  I like water and I drink it regularly.  After cup 4 of the day, I literally crave TASTE, not sugar (or so I tell myself).  Moving the family to an all water diet can be a bit of a nightmare (my husband is just as bad as the kids!)

Our lifesaver is infused water.  Make some ice water in a pitcher and add your favorite fruit/veggie for flavoring: cucumbers; mint leaves and oranges; strawberries and basil. And to boost the natural flavors without adding table sugar, use Xagave as the sweetener.

Summertime mixed drinks are loaded with sugar. Skip the mixes and use real fruit juices with Xagave. You can still enjoy that lazy summer afternoon with an Island Painkiller, and you won’t have to sacrifice flavor.

Myth #3 Dispelled: My kids are suckers for sauce.  Dipping sauce particularly: ketchup, steak sauce, ranch dressing. I love that those sauces get the kids to eat their veggies and healthy foods, but have you checked the packages? Almost all of those list high fructose corn syrup as a primary ingredient.

I’ve introduced healthier ketchup in a previous post, but you can also explore a sweet and spicy recipe that makes whole wheat chicken tenders amazingly tasty and healthier too!

French Dressing [] removes quite a bit of the “richness” that the ranch provides without being bland replacement.

Myth #4 Dispelled: Your kids will still have mood swings even when you cut down on sugar. It’s normal for kids to have temper tantrums, pout, and be dramatic.  However, their mood swings are easier to handle, reason with, correct, and reduce when you remove the sugar.

 Pairing natural sugar from fruits with protein (like Tunnel of Love Pork Loin) can help keep kids full without spiking their blood sugar levels and inducing sugar comas.

These are baby steps, but they are easy steps to start healthier habits in my family without them even knowing. We would love to hear your secrets for building healthier life habits.  Share your secrets with us, and we promise not to tell!

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